Blunt Needles, Huber Needles and Catheter Introducers

Blunt Needles, Huber Needles and Catheter Introducers

Huber Needles are special designed needles with a deflected point. The point eliminates the potential to 'core' a septum such as an injection cap or a vascular port. A Huber Needle must always be used to access any vascular access port in order to prolong the life and to protect the catheter from being occluded by a potential septum core. Needles are EtO exposed and available in various lengths and can be purchased individually or in multi-pack/bulk.

Blunt Tip Needles / Luer Stub Adaptors have many uses around the laboratory. Prevent catheter damage when accessing indwelling catheters by replacing sharp needles with blunt tip needles. Using blunt tip needles also enhances safety in the laboratory by preventing inadvertent needle sticks. Our high quality, low cost needles are de-burred, making blunting your own needles a thing of the past. We off a wide variety of sizes in ETO-Exposed or bulk non-sterile packages.

New Products:

Rodent Surgical Drapes - SAI now has Surgical Drapes designed for Rodent Survival Surgery.  These drapes combine a field drape and an animal drape of Press N Seal® to simplify Rodent surgical preparation.


3D Mini BT Infusion Pump - The first Ambulatory Pump that can be controlled wirelessly from a remote location.


Mouse Cozy - The Solid Brass Mouse Restrainer by SAI is designed to comfortably restrain a mouse for tail vein injections or sampling.


Rodent Intrathecal Catheters - PTFE coated stylet slides smoothly out of catheter, and reinforced tubing junction minimizes kinking at exit point from intrathecal space.


SAI Update:

SAI is at the forefront of developing advanced products designed specifically for the infusion of biologics, stem cells, and gene therapies.  These are exciting new areas of infusion require specialized components and systems necessary for site specific access and combinations of both intermittent and continuous infusions for novel therapeutics and immunosuppressive agents.


Please contact SAI for a complete list of components and systems for these new specialized infusion deliveries.


SAI is the world’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom Intrathecal catheters for rats, dogs, and primates for researchers needing ICV, Cisterna Magna, or Lumbar access.  Coming soon, our compete range of CSF collection or intrathecal dosing catheters.



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