• Blunt Needles with Injection Caps
Blunt Needles with Injection Caps

Blunt Needles with Injection Caps


Blunt needles with an Injection cap added will prevent the free flow of blood and also reduce the risk of air entering the catheter.
  • Available needle gauges: 14-27g
  • Available lengths: 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5
  • ETO exposed
  • 25/box, individually packaged
Gauge 0.5” Length 1.0” Length 1.5” Length
14 B14-50-IC B14-100-IC B14-150-IC
15 B15-50-IC B15-100-IC B15-150-IC
16 B16-50-IC B16-100-IC B16-150-IC
17 B17-50-IC B17-100-IC B17-150-IC
18 B18-50-IC B18-100-IC B18-150-IC
19 B19-50-IC B19-100-IC B19-150-IC
20 B20-50-IC B20-100-IC B20-150-IC
21 B21-50-IC B21-100-IC B21-150-IC
22 B22-50-IC B22-100-IC B22-150-IC
23 B23-50-IC B23-100-IC B23-150-IC
24 B24-50-IC B24-100-IC B24-150-IC
25 B25-50-IC B25-100-IC B25-150-IC
26 B26-50-IC B26-100-IC B26-150-IC
27 B27-50-IC B27-100-IC B27-150-IC
30 B30-50-IC B30-100-IC B30-150-IC


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