• Medical Grade PTFE Tubing
Medical Grade PTFE Tubing

Medical Grade PTFE Tubing


PTFE tubing has the lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer making the internal and external surface extremely smooth. This allows the tubing to be inserted into a vessel or a trachea very easily. It's natural lubricious properties make this tubing the perfect choice for gavages, tubes, or simple catheters. Find our complete collection of bulk tubing here.
  • Extremely resistant to most all chemicals
  • Has a broad temperature working range
  • Does not allow bacteria or other infectious agents to adhere
Diameter (G;inches)

Volume (ul/cm)

25' Roll Part # 50' Roll Part # 100' Roll Part #
32G; 0.010 ID x 0.020 OD 0.5 PTFE-32-25 PTFE-32-50 PTFE-32-100
28G; 0.015 ID x 0.033 OD 1.1 PTFE-28-25 PTFE-28-50 PTFE-28-100
26G; 0.018 ID x 0.036 OD 1.8 PTFE-26-25 PTFE-26-50 PTFE-26-100
24G; 0.022 ID x 0.042 OD 2.7 PTFE-24-25 PTFE-24-50 PTFE-24-100
22G; 0.028 ID x 0.048 OD 4.0 PTFE-22-25 PTFE-22-50 PTFE-22-100
20G; 0.034 ID x 0.056 OD 6.6 PTFE-20-25 PTFE-20-50 PTFE-20-100
19G; 0.038 ID x 0.062 OD 7.9 PTFE-19-25 PTFE-19-50 PTFE-19-100
18G; 0.042 ID x 0.066 OD 10.0 PTFE-18-25 PTFE-18-50 PTFE-18-100
17G; 0.047 ID x 0.071 OD 12.7 PTFE-17-25 PTFE-17-50 PTFE-17-100
15G; 0.059 ID x 0.079 OD 17.7 PTFE-15-25 PTFE-15-50 PTFE-15-100
14G; 0.066 ID x 0.095 OD
22.1 PTFE-14-25 PTFE-14-50 PTFE-14-100


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