• Rat Intrathecal Catheters
Rat Intrathecal Catheters

Rat Intrathecal Catheters


Catheters for intrathecal (IT) delivery or sampling in rats. SAI offers a range of catheters and cannula for the collection of CSF and for the administration of compounds to the intrathecal space in micerats, canines, primates and sheep. Draw cerebrospinal fluid, or perform intrathecal infusion in the subarachnoid space with these reinforced catheters.
  • PTFE coated stylet slides smoothly out of catheter
  • Reinforced tubing junction minimizes kinking at exit point from intrathecal space
  • All catheters are supplied sterile (ETO exposed)
Part # Animal Size Tip Length Tip O.D. Total Length Needle Stylet Suture Beads
RIT-02 125 + g 10 cm 1 F 13 cm 25 ga Yes Yes
RIT-03 125 + g 10 cm 3/4 F 13 cm 25 ga Yes Yes


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