• 600ul Blood Collection Tubes
600ul Blood Collection Tubes

600ul Blood Collection Tubes


Ideal for collection of 600ul of blood - via Capillary Action or Venipuncture collection. Slim Tube and Cap profiles ensure a perfect fit in standard racks and centrifuges. If you are looking for other sizes, we have 300μL Capillary Action Blood Collection Tube or 1mL Blood Collection Microtubes.

Additional advantages include:

  • Slip tip design will accommodate any standard needle for collection via venipuncture venous pressure
  • Tube may also be used without any needle, as blood will be drawn in via capillary action
  • Skirted tube will stand on the bench
  • Shelf life and batch number are printed on each tube
  • Packaged 100/box
MUL-S-600 600ul Serum Sample Tube
MUL-SG-600 600ul Serum Gel Sample Tube
MUL-H-600 600ul Lithium Heparin Sample Tube
MUL-HG-600 600ul Lithium Heparin Gel Sample Tube
MUL-E-600 600ul K3 EDTA Sample Tube


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