Automated Sampling Systems

Automated Sampling Systems are designed to collect pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data from awake and freely moving animals. SAI’s value priced automated sampling components are optimized for successful sampling in a variety of systems. These products are designed to maximize potency, eliminate waste and save time and money for the researcher.  Components are available for both Home-Cage and Rat-Turn style systems.
NOTE: These systems are only useful if the catheters are properly implanted and remain patent for the entire sampling cycle. Let the surgeons or scientists at SAI ensure your systems will function optimally to meet all of your sampling requirements.


Automated Sampling Components for Rats (All May Be Customized):

 Part # Description Price
EXT-36 Extension line (from sampling device circuit to swivel), 50/bx $154.50
*QCH-23 Quick Connect Luer Harness w/23G Catheter Connector. $30.00
*QCS-D Dual Luered Swivel (connects extension line to tether) $36.05
*QCT-12 Quick Connect Male-Male Tether $8.50
*QCDH-21 Quick Connect 21G Dual Harness $39.66
SBD-CLI (Alternative to QCH-21) Quick Connect Skin Button $26.01
*QCDT Quick Connect Dual Tether for Stainless Steel Swivel $22.40
ECV-2.5 Autosampler Vial 300 ul glass borosilicate with 2.5um EDTA, Price/100 vials $187.25
SC1-1 Pre-filled 1cc syringe with sterile normal saline, 100/bx $90.95
EXT-CLX-19-21 Extension line from 19G to 21G, Female to Male $3.95
SBD-AS-5 Skin button $12.88
SSD-22 22 g Stainless Steel Swivel $303.85
T-12 12 in. Stainless Steel Tether $7.21
T-14 14 in. Stainless Steel Tether $7.73
T-18 18 in. Stainless Steel Tether $8.50

*All items covered under International and U.S. patent 7,665,424.