Bile Collection Systems with the CannuLock(tm) Button

The CannuLock(tm) Bile Collection system uses a button and a tether to quickly and easily access both bile and duodenal catheters. Additionally, a venous line is easily accessed with the third port on the button.

 The benefits of this system include:

  • *  Each pin on the Catheter Access Button(tm) has a CannuLock(tm) barb to ensure that your catheter remains securely and reliably attached to the button for the life of the implant.
  • *  The Bile Shunt Cap easily facilitates bile circulation from the bile duct and back into the duodenum immediately following surgery.  With this cap, the rat is allowed to fully recover before beginning a collection study.  Furthermore, bile may be collected intermittently with no complications by removing and replacing this cap.
  • *  With our keyed tether system, you may access any combination of 1, 2 or 3 ports at any time.  Access only the line you need, leaving the other lines locked and undisturbed.
  • *  Low volume tubing increases the speed of the flow, maximizing the siphon action.  This helps to maintain a continuous bile flow for the duration of the collection.
  • *  Low volume dual pin swivel and extension lines maintain bile flow without slowing down for larger dead volume connections.


      For ALL Bile Collection studies, you'll need these items, plus items from the boxes below:

       Bile Shunt Cap

      Bile & Duodenum Catheters

      Extension Lines


      Dual Pin Swivel

      Cage Mount Swivel Holder

      For Bile Collection ONLY, you'll also need:

      Dual Channel CannuLock(TM) Button

      Single Channel Tether

      For Bile Collection with Blood Collection, you'll also need:

      Triple Channel Button

      Dual Channel Bile Tether


      Venous Catheter


       For Bile Collection with Replacement Bile Infusion, you'll need:

      Infusion Pump

      Triple Channel Button

      Triple Channel Tether


      Venous Catheter


      Prefer a harness system?
      Speak to one of our Lab Animal Infusion Specialists to learn more about other options for Bile Collection and other tethered studies.