DART Systems

Customizable DART Kits

As part of our continuing effort to increase the efficiency and success of preclinical procedures necessary for pharmaceutical research and development, SAI is the first to offer single-use procedural kits for Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART).  We have assembled these kits based on guidance from leaders in the field. However, each kit can be customized to fit your laboratory’s exact specifications.
DART Cesarean Section Instrument Kit
Part # Description
DAR-CS-K Complete Cesarean Section Kit - includes everything listed below
Tissue Forceps (1x2 teeth, 5.5 in. length, 2 mm tip width) - The size and durability of this forceps
allows perfect support during a cesarean section exam.
Mayo-Noble Scissors (6.5 in. curved)- The scissors curved blades are ideal for opening the uterus
during cesarean section. Scissors smoothly glide through uterine horns preventing contact with fetuses.
Scalpel Handle No. 6 (5 1/4 in. 13.3 cm fits blades 20-25) -This handle is a perfect fit for use during
rabbit cesarean section examination and sperm assessment concentration preparation. Material is
ergonomically correct providing less strain on hand and excellent grip.
Scalpel Blade Remover and Disposal Container - This container is essential during cesarean section,
necropsy, and sperm assessment concentration. It allows the Teratologist to remove blades from the
scalpel handle safely and stores the blades for easy and safe disposal.
DART Fetal Instrument Kit
Part # Description
DAR-FI-K1 Complete Fetal Instrument Kit - includes everything listed below.
Graefe Forceps (slight curve small)- Curved tip is excellent for stabilizing fetal heart while making cardiac
dissection during fresh visceral examination.
Graefe Forceps (serrated straight)- Straight tip is ideal for dissection and exposing fetal tissues and
vessels throughout the abdominal and thoracic cavity during fresh visceral examination.
Castroviejo Scissors (3 1/2” 9 cm long 9x10 15 mm angled sharp)- Angled blades allows superb entry
into rat fetal cardiac ventricles. This same tool is also perfect for opening the abdominal and thoracic
cavities during fresh visceral examination.  Used for fetal rat dissection.
Castroviejo Scissors (3 in. blunt)- Blunt tip allows superb entry into the larger rabbit fetal cardiac ventricles.
This same instrument is also perfect for opening the rabbit fetal abdominal and thoracic cavities during
fresh visceral examination.  Used for fetal rabbit dissection.