Supplies for Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Studies

Improve your CNS dosing and collection studies with the right tools from SAI. We offer rodent and large animal options for chronic or acute CNS studies. Off-the-shelf catheter options are available for accessing cisterna magna, lumbar or intrathecal targets, or we can custom build the right design for your protocol. For assistance in selecting the right supplies, contact our experienced staff with questions and we'll be happy to help.

CSF Collection in rats and mice is made easier with our catheter options for dosing or sampling, We offer solutions for both acute and chronic applications, including the popular rodent cisterna magna catheter which has been used for serial CSF collection for up to 12 weeks. See the full selection below.

In comparison to rodent CSF studies, large animal CSF catheters require a more robust design. Large animal models also tend to use an intrathecal or lumbar approach for infusion, and the cisterna magna for sampling. We have options for dogs, pigs, & primates and can customize the design to suit your needs.  

We offer a range of products, including everything from lightweight, programmable pumps for large animal studies to blank collection vials for rodent studies. Check out our collection of tools that can help with your CSF dosing and sampling studies by clicking the button below.