Lab Animal Gavage Dosing

We want gavage dosing in lab animals to be as safe and easy as possible. That's why SAI offers tools for oral dosing in both small and large animal models. Whether the goal is to reduce trauma or the focus is on eliminating cross-contamination, we have tools that can help. The options below make it easy to choose based on your animal model. For additional help in selecting the right rodent feeding tube, check out our helpful Rodent Feeding Needle Guide. Still not sure what to do? Contact our experienced staff with questions and we'll be happy to help.

Rodent Feeding Needles

Rat and mouse gavage needles come in a variety of sizes for safe dosing from juvenile to full grown animals. Our flexible plastic needles make the process safer and easier, and include an optional bite guard to prevent accidents.

While not as common, there are occasions where oral dosing must be performed in large animal species. We have off-the-shelf options, but can also create a custom solution to suit your study requirements.

For help with selecting the right feeding needle for your rat, mouse or guinea pig, we've put together a handy chart. If you are still not sure what works best for you, then feel free to reach out to our helpful, experienced staff.