Primate ambulatory infusion studies are safe and straightforward, with these recommended systems from SAI

Our experienced staff are making it easier than ever to build a safe ambulatory infusion system for primates large and small. Choose from our options below, or work with our experts to build a custom system.  


Reduce stress by allowing animals unrestrained and untethered freedom of movement throughout the study.

Monkeys can be group housed so that they can continue to socialize.

Lightweight, programmable pumps minimize interaction with researchers, while providing the flexibility to change dosing protocols.

Thoughtful details like secure pockets and sleeveless jackets make primates more comfortable while still protecting the infusion system.

The options below reflect our most common primate ambulatory system configurations, which will not suit every study. To learn more about all options, follow this helpful guide, or reach out to our experienced staff for advice.

Primate Size: <2kg
Flow Rate: 0.005-5mL/hr
Max Volume: 20mL

Primate Size: <2kg
Flow Rate: 0.01-35mL/hr
Max Volume: 50mL

Primate Size: >2kg
Flow Rate: 0.1-125mL/hr
Max Volume: 250mL

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