Primate Ambulatory System

Reduce stress by allowing animals unrestrained and untethered freedom of movement at all times. New advancements in pump technology, jacket design, catheter material, and surgical techniques have made this system easier and less expensive for researchers to implement. The basic ambulatory infusion system includes: infusion pump, pocketed jacket, extension line, and indwelling catheter. There are two catheter systems to choose from.  One system is an exteriorized catheter that luer-locks to the extension line. The alternative system utilizes a vascular access port accessed by a Huber needle or catheter and extension line.  

We offer a number of high-quality infusion pumps with a wide range of delivery options. All of the pumps are small enough to be carried by the animal and have a legacy of withstanding the rigors of on-animal applications.  

Below is a system we recommend for any continuous infusion study using large animals.  For more information on selecting the right catheter and pump for your research give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you with putting together the right system for your specific research needs.

Primate Ambulatory Infusion System

System Components:

 CPT Port
CPT-AC Introducer, Catheter
CADD-6500 CADD Legacy Pump
3D MiniBT SAI 3D MiniBT Pump
3D MicroBT SAI 3D MicroBT Pump
PJ 01 Primate Jacket
JP Jacket Pocket