Pump Calibration and Repair

Qualification and Repair Services from SAI

Infusion pumps need to be kept in good working order. This is not only to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, but also to minimize the risk to animal health. Protect the investment that you've made and keep pumps running smoothly with our repair and qualification services.

SAI also offers pump rental options. This is a great way to add to your capacity without adding to your equipment budget. Find out more here.

SAI Offers:

          • Fast, cost effective, fully documented calibration services ensure pumps are performing to factory specifications.
          • Instruments can be assessed and repaired when any issues are encountered.
          • Battery replacement services are available for applicable pumps.
          • Expedited options and rental options are available for some models, so that you can keep working.
          • Our services cover our own pumps as well as those made by our partners. European manufactured pumps (i.e., Pegasus) can be calibrated in our offsite facility.
          • Avoid high fees, expensive shipping and long delays. Our technicians are fully qualified and special two day service is available. Call us at 847-356-0321, or fill out the form below for an estimate.
          • We can repair and/or calibrate the following models:

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