Rodent Intermittent Infusion

Intermittent Infusion Systems for Rodents are used when there are breaks between dosing sessions. This may be part of the study design, or it may be part of a 3Rs initiative to reduce animal numbers by reusing rodents for multiple studies. In order for these studies to be successful, it must be very easy to connect and disconnect the animals. The system must also have built-in features that make catheter maintenance clean and easy. Similar to continuous infusion studies, these systems require pump, swivel, swivel mount, tethers, extension lines and a catheter. But for intermittent studies, the focus is on keeping everything working while the animal isn't connected. If you don't see what you need, then please reach out to us; whether it's for chronic infusion, infusion with PK blood collection, or infusion in an uncommon species, we can help create the system that works for you.


In recent years, the Catheter Access Button™ has changed the infusion for the better. Systems based on this technology are clean, easy to use, and dramatically improve animal welfare. However, for some, the tail cuff method is a tried and true option for intermittent infusion in rats.


Mice are an excellent research species due to their small size and the availability of specialized & knock-out models. However, their small size makes them a challenge. Mouse Catheter Access Buttons™ simplify the process and extend catheter patency for weeks.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig catheter patency can be difficult to manage for long term studies, but Catheter Access Buttons™ can help. Patency issues often occur when pathogens are introduced during catheter access. The button system incorporates easy-to-clean ports to minimize this issue.  


We can create infusion systems for hamsters, ferrets & other small animals. Tell us about your needs, and our expert team will build a safe, effective system.

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