Tethered Rodent Infusion Systems

Tethered systems require an in-dwelling catheter, a harness or jacket, spring tether, swivel, swivel holder, extension lines and infusion pump. In the past, the fluid-carrying components of these systems (the catheter, extension lines and swivel) were all connected by friction fitting a stainless steel cannula with the internal diameter of flexible polymer tubing. New catheter and harness designs have made the entire process more reliable and less time-consuming. Today, the most advanced system available, the patented Quick Connect™ system, eliminates all of the sizing issues inherent in older systems and replaces the friction connections with secure luer locks. These fittings can be connected and disconnected quickly and cleanly allowing for intermittent infusion and sampling without continuous tethering or restraint. High quality polyurethane has become the preferred catheter material due to its pliability and thrombo-resistant nature. Recent tapered catheter designs greatly increase success rates, allowing for smaller diameter distal ends that insert easily into vessels and thicker walled proximal ends that connect directly to the harness or swivel.


Mouse Components:                                                                                 Rat Components:

MJC-01 Mouse Catheter RFV-01 Rat Catheter
SMH Mouse Harness *QCH-21 Rat Harness
T-12 Tether *QCT-12 Rat Tether
*QCS-S Quick Connect™ Single Luer Swivel *QCS-D Quick Connect™ Dual Luer Swivel
GMSHK SAI Swivel Mount Assembly GMSHK SAI Swivel Mount Assembly

SAI 3D Syringe Pump

3D SAI 3D Syringe Pump
*OMNI-22 OMNI Rat Harness
*OMNI-T12M OMNI Rat Tether
*All items covered under International and U.S. patent 7,665,424.