Welcome to SAI Infusion Technologies

SAI Infusion Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of both standard and customized percutaneous and indwelling catheters, for all laboratory research species.  We specialize in providing the most appropriate catheter for your specific research applications, including:  intravenous, intra-arterial, intracerebral, Cisterna Magna, bile duct, lymphatic system and lumbar access. We also provide on-site surgical and procedural training to ensure all of your research endpoints are achieved. 

SAI is at the forefront of developing advanced products designed specifically for the infusion of biologics, stem cells, and gene therapies.  These exciting new areas of research require specialized components and systems for site specific access (including combinations of both intermittent and continuous infusion and sampling), necessary for the development of novel therapeutic and immunosuppressive agents.

Ask us about our custom software and versatile animal identification systems created to automate and streamline data collection and management procedures while minimizing costly validation processes.

Let the Scientists and Surgeons at SAI provide you with the software, components, and training  necessary to address your most complex animal research and data management issues, successfully.