• CADD-Legacy Plus Model 6500
CADD-Legacy Plus Model 6500

CADD-Legacy Plus Model 6500


The Legacy Plus Model 6500 pump sets the standard for continuous and intermittent ambulatory infusion in research. CADD pumps have an unparalleled track record of accuracy and durability dating back to the early 1980s. These pumps are available for purchase, or rent. To get pricing please request a quote, or learn more about pump rental.
  • These pumps withstand the rigors of primate and canine ambulatory infusions
  • Infusion rates up to 125 ml/hr and dose volumes up to 1,000 ml can accommodate high-rate, high-volume therapies 
  • Longer delayed start time and expanded dosing parameters provide added flexibility in meeting complex therapy requirements 
  • Internal clock designed to keep dosing on schedule
  • Easy to read and understand display screen provides information for programming adjustments and troubleshooting
  • Cassette detection sensor is designed to detect cassette attachment
  • Upstream and downstream occlusion sensors are designed to alert the technician if interruption of fluid delivery occurs
  • Air-in-line detector w/Off, High- and Low sensitivity settings.
  • Pump weight: 395G
  • Pump dimensions- 1.6 x 3.8 x 4.4 in (4.1 x 9.5 x 11.2 cm)
  • ON/OFF key allows pump to be placed in low-power state and is designed to save battery life
  • CADD pump reliability and durability can mean less down time and fewer interruptions
  • Demand Dose:.0200-1.0000 ML in .002 ML increments
  • Demand Dose Duration: 5-15 minutes in 1-minute increments, 15 minutes-24 hrs. in 5 minute increments Depleted Battery, Syringe Not Loaded
Part Number: CADD-6500


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