• Fusion Touch Pump
  • Fusion Touch Pump
  • Fusion Touch Pump
  • Fusion Touch Pump
Fusion Touch Pump Fusion Touch Pump Fusion Touch Pump Fusion Touch Pump

Fusion Touch Pump

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Our affordably priced line of Fusion Laboratory Syringe Pumps are designed for accuracy, and ease of use and monitoring. The Touch Series features precise flow rates, combined with syringe recognition, and the ability to program complex methods through front panel or PC control.
  • Constant flow, Variable/Punctuated flow profiles, Gradient flows and Advanced loops are programmable without a PC
  • Free programmable mode included
  • Control via touchscreen, USB, RS232, TTL
  • Free MATLAB driver
  • Hold syringes from 0.5ul to 60ml
  • Flow rates variable from 0.0001μL/min to 157mL/min
  • Syringe dimensions can be loaded from an internal syringe library (has commonly used syringe sizes) stored on the pump
  • Hybrid touchscreen and keypad interface
  • Modular and optional 10 and 11 syringe racks available
  • Both keypad and screen are coated with solvent-resistant PP coating for operational durability under laboratory environments
Part # Description Price
F-100-X 0.0001ul/min to 65ml/min, Infusion Only call for pricing
F-200-X 0.0001ul/min to 85ml/min, Infuse/Withdraw call for pricing
F-I-100X 11 Syringe Infuse/Withdraw Holding Rack for F-100-X and F-200-X call for pricing

  F-100-X F-200-X
Mode Infuse only Infuse/Withdraw
Flow Rates 0.0001ul/min to 157ml/min 0.0001ul/min to 85ml/min
Screen Size 4.3" LCD Glass Touch Screen 4.3" LCD Glass Touch Screen
Syringe Size 0.5ul to 60ml 0.5ul to 60ml
Optional Rack 11 Syringes 11 Syringes
Accuracy +/- <0.35% +/- <0.35%
Reproducibility +/- <0.5% +/- <0.2%
Linear Force 55lb (25kg) 65lb (29.4kg)
Power 110/220 VAC auto switch 110/220 VAC auto switch


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