• Guinea Pig Catheters
Guinea Pig Catheters

Guinea Pig Catheters- Jugular, Femoral, Carotid


These hemocompatible guinea pig jugular vein and carotid artery catheters are designed to maximize patency and simplify insertion. Custom suture bead placement ensures catheters are secure and in the proper location for optimum performance. Combine with the QCH-GP harness to improve aseptic procedures, efficiency, and results.
  • Silicone and Polyurethane tubing designs available
  • Rounded, straight, or beveled tip options
  • Customize for a variety of weights
Part # Size Material Length Suture Beads Features Connects
GPJV-04 3 F Silicone 19 in. 9, 2.9 mm For <350 g 22, 21 ga
GPAC-02 3 F Polyurethane 7 in. 3, 6 cm Rounded tip 22, 21 ga
GPAC-04 3 F Polyurethane 7 in. 3, 6 cm Smooth bevel tip 22, 21 ga


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