• Intravascular Polyurethane Tubing
Intravascular Polyurethane Tubing

Intravascular Polyurethane Tubing



SAI's PU tubing is specially formulated for applications where intravascular thrombosis is a concern. It reduces blood platelet and other blood related deposits on the wall of the tubing. It is extremely blood compatible and its initial stiffness makes it easy to implant into a vessel but softens at body temperature. Sterile Blunt Needles and Bulk Blunt Needles are available for tubing access. Also, find our complete collection of bulk tubing here.

  • ETO sterilize only
  • Easily implanted into vessels
  • Blood compatible

Intravascular Polyurethane (PU) Tubing

Diameter (inches) Needle Access Part # 25' Roll Part # 50' Roll
0.005 ID x 0.010 OD 33G PU-010-25 PU-010-50
0.012 ID x 0.025 OD 30G PU-025-25 PU-025-50
0.015 ID x 0.033 OD 25G PU-033-25 PU-033-50
0.023 ID x 0.040 OD 22G or 23G PU-040-25 PU-040-50
0.040 ID x 0.055 OD 20G PU-055-25 PU-055-50
0.030 ID x 0.065 OD 22G PU-065-25 PU-065-50


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