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Rodent Jackets

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These rodent jackets for rodent infusion and sampling studies are made of breathable, durable, and washable material for a comfortable fit. Each jacket fits a wide range of animal sizes and can be adjusted using the Velcro closure. We are happy to modify the design to suit your study needs. This item is not available for online purchase. Please use the Order Form to complete a purchase, or contact us with questions.
  • Many customizations available: Anchoring patches for tether system, inserts for dermal procedures, and more.
  • Jackets are adjustable to fit the subject comfortably
  • Made from durable fabric that can be washed and re-used
  • Add SAI Jacket Adaptors to transform the jacket into an easy and clean luer lock connection.

Mouse Jackets

Rat Jackets

Part # Size Weight Part # Size Weight
MJ 01 Small < 25 g RJ 00 X-Small 100-150 g
MJ 02 Medium 25-30 g RJ 01 Small 150-250 g
MJ 03 Large 30 + g RJ 02 Medium 250-350 g
RJ 03 Large 350-500 g
RJ 04 X-Large 500 + g

Hamster Jackets

Guinea Pig Jackets

Part # Size Weight Part # Size Weight
HJ 01 Small < 100 g GP J1 Small < 350 g
HJ 02 Medium 100-175 g GP J2 Medium 350-600 g
HJ 03 Large 175 + g GP J3 Large 600 + g

Ferret Jackets


Part # Size Weight Part # Description
FF J1 Small < 750 g RJ IN Rat Jacket Insert
FF J2 Medium 750-1000 g RJ INP Rat Jacket Insert/Pocket
FF J3 Large 1000 + g


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