Rodent Elizabethan Collars

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Designed and manufactured to reduce or eliminate many of the factors which can compromise investigations. In protecting sensitive equipment and reducing discomfort and stress levels for the subjects, this comprehensive range helps to protect the integrity of a wide variety of procedures on all laboratory animal species. A large range of standard sizes is available with other sizes, for special needs, made to order.

Prevent animals from self-grooming and protect surgical or treatment sites. All collars are manufactured from a low-density polyethylene and close with ample Velcro fasteners, providing adjustable and secure fit for individual animals. Neck openings are bound with cotton jersey for comfort.

These items are not available for purchase online. Please use the Order Form to complete a purchase, or contact us with questions. 

Part # Animal Size Price
MC E1 Mouse $4.95
RC E1 Rat < 450 g $4.95
RC E2 Rat 450 g > $4.95
GP E1  Guinea Pig Small $6.70
GP E2 Guinea Pig Medium $6.70
GP E3 Guinea Pig Large $6.70