Pump Rental

Reduce capital spending and create a flexible, efficient lab with Pump Rental from SAI.

  • Get the pumps you need, when you need
  • Rental available on a per/month basis
  • Add a few back-ups to your current supply, or rent enough to run a full study
  • Try before you buy- make sure that the pump fits your space, staff or study requirements
  • Pumps arrive with calibration paperwork* and are ready for immediate use

Infusion pumps are usually the most expensive component of infusion systems. Whether confronting a study with a large number of animals or running your first infusion study, it is not always possible or cost effective to purchase new pumps.

In these situations the best option may be to rent the pumps you need for the duration of the infusion. Renting allows you to cover pump expenses from the operating budget and avoid making a long-term purchase to meet a short-term shortfall.

SAI offers a wide variety of infusion pumps from most medical manufacturers for rent or lease, with fully documented calibration, for your immediate use. See below for some of our pump rental options. Don't see what you need? Contact Us with questions.




SAI 3D Programmable Syringe Pump SAI 3D Syringe pump for tethered studies. Small footprint, syringe recognition, designed for GLP studies.
Baxter Programmable Syringe Pump AS 50 Syringe pump for tethered studies. Can be mounted to a pole or outside of the cage for infusion toxicology studies.
SAI 3D Mini Ambulatory Pump 3D MINI

Lightweight, compact ambulatory pump. Reservoirs up to 50mL, excellent for primate studies.

CADD Legacy Plus Ambulatory Pump CADD 6500 Sturdy and flexible ambulatory pump. Excellent for studies with larger animals or large infusion volumes.
Medfusion Syringe Pumps Multiple Options Simple to program and adaptable to a variety of volumes. Options may include 2001 or 2010i model.

*some exceptions apply, ask for details.