• CADD Medication Cassette Reservoir for Animal Infusion
CADD Medication Cassette Reservoir for Animal Infusion

100ml Medication Cassette Reservoirs


These 100mL Medication Cassette Reservoirs are available for direct attachment to the CADD-Legacy pumps for ambulatory infusion studies. Additional sizes available. For volumes over 250mL, see our CADD Administration Set.


  • Cassettes provide a secure tamper resistant reservoir.
  • Made from medical grade materials including PVC, polypropylene and polycarbonate.
  • Ask us for alternative cassette styles (luer, clamp, venting).
  • Sold 12/box, sterile
  • 50 mL Medication Cassette Reservoirs also available for studies with larger volumes
  • For even larger volumes, use the CADD Administration Set along with the reservoir of your choice. 
  • Talk to us to make sure that your jacket pocket is the right size to accommodate your reservoir.

Part No: 21-7302-24


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