• EVA Drug Bag (Empty)
EVA Drug Bag (Empty)

EVA Drug Bag (Empty)


These EVA drug reservoirs remove the risk of toxic plasticizers (DEHP) leaching from PVC bags and reservoirs into test formulations. The risk of leaching is especially high when using formulations that have a lipid component. All of our empty EVA Drug bags come in boxes of 50. Check out the full line of cassettes, reservoirs, and bags that SAI offers.
  • Variety of sizes for volumes 100-1000mL
  • Non-leaching
Part # Description
ER-1000 1000 ml EVA Drug Bag (Empty)
ER-500 500 ml EVA Drug Bag (Empty)
ER-250 250 ml EVA Drug Bag (Empty)
ER-100 100 ml EVA Drug Bag (Empty)


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