• Feeding Needle
Feeding Needle

Feeding Needles for PO Gavage Dosing in Small Animals


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These PTFE feeding needles are designed to reduce the risk of trauma and bite-through, providing a safe, low cost, disposable, solution for oral gavage. SAI's affordable feeding tubes boast distinct features, including a soft silicone tip, a smooth plastic PTFE shaft and an optional, bite-resistant, stainless steel bite-guard for maximum durability when oral dosing.  Need help finding the right needle? All the specs for these feeding needles - the most advanced design in PO (oral gavage) dosing for mice, rats and other small animals - are listed in the parts information chart below.  Please use the online order form or contact us with any questions.
  • Provided sterile, 100/box with 5/package
  • Affordable and Durable
  • A bulb-shaped silicone tip minimizes trauma, prevents tracheal dosing, and eliminates dosing-related perforations of the esophagus
  • Plastic construction is compatible with most vehicles and compounds
  • Disposable needles eliminate the risk of carry-over
  • Optional 1cm stainless steel bite-guard near the hub to prevent damage from the animal's incisors during oral dosing (order part numbers with "M" for the optional bite-guard).

Mouse Feeding Needles 

Part # Length Silicone Tip Bite Guard Gauge
FN20-30 30 mm 1.9 mm No 20
FN20-38 38 mm 1.9 mm No 20
FN20-38M 38 mm 1.9 mm Yes 20
FN18-38M 38 mm 2.0 mm Yes 18
FN-18-38 38 mm 2.0 mm No 18
FN18-50M 50 mm 2.0 mm Yes 18
FN18-50 50 mm 2.0 mm No 18

Rat Feeding Needles

Part # Length Silicone Tip Bite Guard Gauge
FN17-52M 52 mm 2.4 mm Yes 17
FN17-52 52 mm 2.4 mm No 17
FN17-85M 85 mm 2.4 mm Yes 17
FN17-85 85 mm 2.4 mm No 17
FN15-100M 100 mm 2.8 mm Yes 15
FN15-100 100 mm 2.8 mm No 15


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