• Intravascular Silicone Tubing
Intravascular Silicone Tubing

Intravascular Silicone Tubing


Medical Grade Silicone tubing is highly biocompatible and is resistant to chemicals. Our Platinum cured Silicone meets USDA Class VI standards and can be sterilized with Ethylene Oxide or autoclave. SAI also carries a variety of bulk tubing. Please contact us with any questions.
  • 25' or 50' rolls available
  • Need your tubing sterilized? Contact Us for pricing. 
  • Soft and pliable. Excellent for applications in delicate tissues.
OD  Diameter (inches) Volume (ul/cm) 25' Roll Part # 50' Roll Part #
1F 0.007 in. ID x 0.016 in. OD 0.4 SIL-1-25 n/a
2F 0.012 in. ID x 0.025 in. OD 0.71 SIL-2-25 SIL-2-50
3F 0.020 in . ID x 0.037 in. OD 2.0 SIL-3-25 SIL-3-50
5F 0.030 in. ID x 0.065 in. OD 4.6 SIL-5-25 SIL-5-50
6F 0.058 in. ID x 0.077 in. OD 17.0 SIL-6-25 SIL-6-50
7F 0.062 in. ID x 0.095 in. OD 19.0 SIL-7-25 SIL-7-50
9F 0.078 in. ID x 0.125 in. OD 31.0 SIL-9-25 SIL-9-50


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