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Pig Jackets

Pig Jackets

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SAI provides pig jackets specifically matched to your subject and procedure. The basic jackets listed below provide quality and simplicity. while additional features such as protective patches, pockets and swivel mounting options are available to enhance your finished product. Please use the Order Form to complete a purchase, or contact us with questions.



  • Made of durable fabric
  • Reinforced seams
  • Customizations available for your unique study needs
  • Provide maximum comfort and breathability
  • Comfort customizations available such as: fabric, leg hooks, zipper placement, and sleeves
Yucatan Swine Jackets 3/4 Length                                               Ellegaard Gottingen Mini Pig Jackets 3/4 Length
Part # Size Weight Part # Size Weight
SS J1YU Small 20 kg SS J1GEM Small 10-15 kg
SS J2YU Medium 20-30 kg SS J2GEM Medium 15-20 kg
SS J3YU Large 30-50 kg SS J3GEM Large 25-30 kg
SS J4YU X-Large 50+ kg SS J4GEM X-Large 30 kg +
Juvenile - Yorkshire Swine Jackets 3/4 Length                              Adult - Yorkshire Swine Jackets 3/4 Length
Part # Size Weight Part # Size Weight
SS J1YJ Small 10-15 kg SS J1YA Small 30-50 kg
SS J2YJ Medium 20-30 kg SS J2YA Medium 50-60 kg
SS J3YJ Large 35-40 kg SS J3YA Large 60-70 kg
SS J4YJ X-Large 40+ kg SS J4YA X-Large 70+ kg
Adult - Hanford Swine Jackets 3/4 Length
Part # Size Weight

SS J3HMA Large 100-135 kg

SS J4HMA X-Large 135+ kg


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