• Male to Female Extension Lines
Male to Female Extension Lines

Male - Female Extension Lines



SAI extension lines are ideal for connecting between pump and swivel or pump and catheter in animal infusion studies.  Made with non-DEHP PVC tubing, includes one male and one female luer adaptor, and is available in a variety of standard lengths. Custom sizes are also available. You can shop our entire collection of extension lines here.

  • One male luer and one female luer end
  • Ultra Low Flow, Micro Flow and High Flow options available
  • 50/pk
  • ETO sterilized
  • Male to Male option available
Part # Flow Length Luers Volume
EXT-4 Micro Flow 4" Male - Female 0.05ml

EXT-6 Micro Flow 6" Male - Female 0.075ml

EXT-7 Micro Flow 7" Male - Female 0.20ml
EXT-12 Micro Flow 12" Male - Female 0.15ml
EXT-16 Micro Flow 16" Male - Female 0.50ml
EXT-36 Micro Flow 36" Male - Female 0.20ml
EXT-36H High Flow 36" Male - Female 0.72ml
EXT-60 Micro Flow 60" Male - Female 1.4ml
EXT-60HF High Flow 60" Male - Female 2.4ml



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