• Rodent Tail Cuffs
  • RTC-2
  • RTC-FS
Rodent Tail Cuffs RTC-2 RTC-FS

Rodent Tail Cuffs


Constructed of stainless steel or anodized aluminum with self-threading tether attachment point. Used as an alternative to the Rodent Jacket when performing tail vein infusions.
  • Different sizes and materials available
  • Perforated for easy attachment
  • Tapered and straight sizes available
Part # Description
RTC-1 Light Weight Rodent Tail Cuff. Anodized Aluminum
RTC-2 Tapered Stainless Steel Rodent Tail Cuff 16mm OD to 14mm ID
RTC-FS Straight Stainless Steel Female Rodent Tail Cuff
RT T1 Rat Tail Cuff
MT T1 Mouse Tail Cuff


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