Rodent Glucose Tolerance

SAI offers a complete set of components for researchers using the Glucose, or Insulin Clamp Technique in rodents to assess insulin sensitivity. Sometimes called euglycemic or hyper-insulinemic clamp studies, these methods measure the effects of test agents on metabolic disease. Our specialized infusion and sampling components help collect meaningful data while keeping rats and mice as stress-free as possible. We have complete systems as well as individual pumps, 3-way and 4-way connectors, and the catheters & tubing to set you up for success. For assistance in selecting the right supplies, contact our experienced staff with questions and we'll be happy to help.

Complete Systems

Low stress dosing and sampling is essential for insulin sensitivity studies and this means animals should be awake and freely moving. Whether you are working with rats or mice, see the full list of supplies you'll need from a simple GTT to the more complex hyperglycemic clamp protocols.

Accurate and easy-to-use syringe pumps are essential in glucose clamp studies, as the rate of infusion is frequently adjusted. Price matters, too- depending on your set-up, you may need up to three pumps per animal. We offer options to meet both your study and budget requirements.

These supplies help direct the flow of blood and dosing solutions. We offer catheters, tubing, connectors and access tools to make set up as easy as possible. Reduced stress is essential here, CannuLock™ Catheter Access Buttons are highly recommended