Training and Support

Surgical Support

Continuous infusion studies with durations of 14 days or longer require implanted, indwelling access, regardless of species.  Implanted ports or catheters are also recommended for intermittent infusion studies requiring a high frequency of dosing. 

It is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the skilled surgical staff necessary to perform these procedures without regular training or hands-on practice. SAI’s experienced surgeons offer surgical consulting and practical training to ensure your animals are successfully instrumented and maintained for the duration of the infusion.

Catheter Design

Standard catheter designs may not always suit your specific research needs. Whether you are faced with an uncommon species, a difficult access site or you would just like to make improvements on an existing design, we can help.

SAI custom designs and builds affordable, quality catheters that will improve the quality of your research. Our skilled engineers and experienced surgeons are ready to lend their expertise to produce unique catheters that are certain to perform to your expectations Allow our scientists, engineers and manufacturing personnel to design the optimal catheter for your research.

Pump Calibration & Repair

If you already own several infusion pumps and are faced with regular calibration, internal battery replacement or repairs, we have a convenient solution. Let SAI’s Biomedical Technicians provide you with fast, cost effective and fully documented calibration and repair service.

Even European manufactured pumps (i.e., Pegasus) can be calibrated in our offsite facility. Avoid high fees, expensive shipping and long delays. Our technicians are fully qualified and special two day service is available. Call us at 847-356-0321 for an estimate.







Pump Rental

Infusion pumps are usually the most expensive component of infusion systems with the possible exception of the Alzet pump. Whether confronting a study with a large number of animals or running your first infusion study, it is not always possible or cost effective to purchase new pumps.

In these situations the best option may be to rent the pumps you need for the duration of the infusion. Renting allows you to cover pump expenses from the operating budget and avoid making a long-term purchase to meet a short-term shortfall.

SAI offers a wide variety of infusion pumps from most medical manufacturers for rent or lease, with fully documented calibration, for your immediate use.

SAI Instructional Videos

SAI is developing informational procedures to assist our customers in proper procedure and use of our products.  Click here to watch the videos and learn more.