Rodent Continuous Infusion

Continuous Infusion Systems for Rodents are the most commonly used models for drug infusion research. These systems, sometimes called Tethered Infusion Systems, typically consist of a pump, swivel, swivel mount, extension lines and a catheter. There are several options for tethering to the animal, including Catheter Access Buttons™, harnesses, or jackets, and if you want to learn more, you can always speak with one of our experienced technical staff. If you don't see what you need, then please reach out to us; whether it's for chronic infusion, infusion with PK blood collection, or infusion in an uncommon species, we can help create the system that works for you.


Rats are the most commonly used species for continuous infusion studies. We offer several systems, including the CAB™ system for the most secure catheter fit.


Mice are great for studies that require small volumes. However, their small size creates some challenges. Catheter Access Buttons™ can help make it safe & clean.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs are often needed for cardiac models. Build a system using safe, simple Catheter Access Buttons™ or try a more traditional model.


We can create infusion systems for hamsters, ferrets & other small animals. Tell us about your needs, and our expert team will build a safe, effective system.

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