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Large Animal Tethered Infusion

Tethered infusion systems use a pump mounted outside of the cage so that the animal cannot reach it. Use this system to easily access the pump and make changes in the dosing solution or rate of administration. Animals are connected to the outside of the cage via a tether and swivel, but are still able to move freely around the cage or pen. This type of infusion system can be especially helpful for large animal studies because the pump is protected from animal interference.  

When compared to ambulatory infusion, this model makes it easier to administer large volumes of solution, and faster to change syringes and pump settings. It also reduces the risk of breakage of expensive and sensitive pumps. Animals can be dosed with minimal human intervention, and sometimes can be monitored and controlled from outside of the animal room. 

Complete Tethered Infusion Systems by Species


If you need to reduce human interference and minimaze animal stress, ambulatory infusion might be the better option. This allows you to monitor and control pump function from outside of the animal room.  

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