SAI CannuLock™ Technology

Secure Your Investment

SAI incorporates a smooth barb design into all CannuLock™ ports and buttons. This design creates a secure "lock" between the catheter and pin which eliminates the risk of catheter slippage. The CannuLock™ system was built with your feedback, to provide the best system for rodent catheter access. Now you can dose and sample safely, confidently, and securely.
SAI is proud to announce our new line of CannuLock™ Ports, Buttons and Accessories - created just for you.

Catheter Access Buttons™

Featuring CannuLock™ technology, our rodent buttons provide the most secure catheter connection and fewer catheter disconnects. Catheter Access Buttons can be used to replace harnesses, jackets and collars and provide easy, low -stress dosing and sampling in rats.

Primate Jackets


CannuLock™ Technology creates a secure connection to 1, 2 or 3 catheters, while a clear body makes it easy to see the surgical site

CannuLock Rodent Catheter Buttons


Connections to SAI’s tethers and adapters are quick, clean, and easy with our mix and match tethers and alignment arrows

Male to Female Extension Lines


Our magnetic cap protects the button for worry free group housing. Available in multiple colors or in a bile recirculation cap

Like the Mouse-
Small, yet Mighty

Dosing and sampling mice can be extremely challenging. Our new Mouse Catheter Access Buttons make access clean and simple while keeping fingers out of the bite zone.

Primate Jackets


Catheter Access Ports™ insert directly into most catheters, and come in three colors for easy identification. Foolproof connections make access quick and safe, with no blood loss.

CannuLock Rodent Catheter Buttons


A smooth barb "locks" with the catheter for the most secure fit. Rest easy knowing that SAI’s CannuLock™ technology eliminates catheter slippage to keep catheters patent longer.

Male to Female Extension Lines


Suture ridges make it easy to keep the port firmly in place. Access the swabbable septum using CannuLock™ Adapters- and eliminate panicked searches for your catheter pin.

Catheter Access Ports™

Catheter Access PortsTM can be used to replace a standard stainless steel pin. This means no clamping, twisting, or fighting with your catheter during flushing, locking or sample collection. Not only does this save time, but it makes it easier to access the catheter using aseptic technique.

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