Lab Animal Blood Collection

We want blood collection in lab animals to be a safe and easy as possible. That's why SAI has done the work to gather the best options for blood collection in small and large animal models. Whether the goal is to consistently collect small volumes or the focus is more on maintaining animal and technician safety during the collection process, we have tools that can help. We've broken down the options below so that you can choose based on your application and volume needs. For a more complete comparison of all of our vials, check out our helpful Vial Selection Guide. Still not sure what to do? Contact our experienced staff with questions and we'll be happy to help.

Blood Collection Tubes for Rats and Mice including specialized vials for retro-orbital collections and capillary blood collection applications.

Working with large animal species can create safety challenges for technical staff. This selection makes it easier to safely collect larger volumes.

These collection tools are for studies that require accurate, small volume collections. Starting at 10uL, they are ideal for mouse or neonatal collections.

Automated Blood Collection systems are compatible with only certain types of vials. Get the vial you want with the anticoagulant that you need.

Need help? Try our useful vial selection guide.

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