• Sterile Blunt Needles
Sterile Blunt Needles

Sterile Blunt Needles



Blunt tip needles have many uses around the laboratory including ensuring secure reliable connection to in-dwelling catheters. Unlike hand-made™ blunt needles fashioned from hypodermic needles, our manufactured blunt needles provide a smooth, burr-free needle edge to prevent inadvertent damage to the lumen while dosing, sampling, flushing or locking the catheter. These high-quality, low-cost blunt needles make blunting your own needles a thing of the past.



  • Blunt Needles: ETO-Exposed,  25/pack, Capped and Individually Packaged
  • Plastic Luer Hubs with Stainless Steel Cannula and Burr-free tips.
  • Offered in ETO exposed or bulk non-sterile packages.
  • Also available on prefilled syringes to save you time and money while making it easy to run clean infusion studies.
Gauge 0.5” Length 1.0” Length 1.5” Length
14 B14-50 B14-100 B14-150
15 B15-50 B15-100 B15-150
16 B16-50 B16-100 B16-150
17 B17-50 B17-100 B17-150
18 B18-50 B18-100 B18-150
19 B19-50 B19-100 B19-150
20 B20-50 B20-100 B20-150
21 B21-50 B21-100 B21-150
22 B22-50 B22-100 B22-150
23 B23-50 B23-100 B23-150
24 B24-50 B24-100 B24-150
25 B25-50 B25-100 B25-150
26 B26-50 B26-100 B26-150
27 B27-50 B27-100 B27-150
30 B30-50 B30-100 B30-150


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