The Best Button

Featuring CannuLock™ technology, our rodent buttons provide the most secure catheter connection and fewer catheter disconnects.

Build a safe, effective system for rodent infusion & sampling studies with the help of our system guides or the support of our friendly staff.

Large Animal Infusion Systems

We'll guide you through the steps so that you can build the large animal system that suits your study. From choosing the right pump, to creating a safe, comfortable, and functional jacket, we're here to help.

Lab Animal Blood Collection

We make lab animal blood collection safe and easy. Choose from a wide range of volumes, additives and tube types, all selected specifically for lab animal studies.

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Clean Catheter Access

Proper catheter care is essential for successful dosing and sampling studies. Try our catheter locking solutions, prefilled syringes and connecting tools to improve catheter patency and to ensure quick, clean & easy catheter access. Need assistance? Watch our catheter access video for an overview of proper flushing and locking techniques for vascular catheters.

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We Deliver Research Solutions

SAI was founded with the goal of helping researchers develop and implement reliable infusion techniques. We deliver dependable, purpose-built tools and support so that you can deliver on your research promises.