Insulin & Glucose Clamp System in Rodents

SAI carries a complete set of components for researchers using the Glucose, or Insulin Clamp Technique (sometimes called euglycemic or hyperinsulinemic clamp) in rodents to assess Insulin Sensitivity. These clamp methods are typically employed in research designed to measure the effects of test agents or other types of interventions on metabolic disease. These systems require specialized infusion and sampling components to ensure meaningful data collection. Dual infusion lines for glucose and insulin, as well as a separate sampling line for blood measurements are often used concurrently in these complex systems. Accurate and easy-to-use syringe pumps are also essential in these studies, as the rate of infusion may be frequently adjusted throughout the Clamp procedure. 

When designing a clamp system for your research, please contact the experienced scientists at SAI to help select the appropriate components to meet your metabolic research needs.

Part # Description Price
RCA-06 Carotid Arterial Catheter $11.28


Jugular Venous Catheter $12.88
RFV-17 Femoral Venous Catheter $15.40
RFA-08 Femoral Artery Catheter $13.34
CP-21, CP-22, CP-23 Catheter Plugs, 100/bx $77.25
CC-21, CC-22, CC-23 Catheter Connectors, 100/bx $80.34
3-way-30 3-Way Connector $59.74
HGS-10 Catheter Locking Solution $19.00
*QCH-21 Quick Connect Harness $30.90
*QCDH-21 Quick Connect Dual Harness $39.66
*QCT-12 Quick Connect Tether $8.50
*QCDT-SS Tether $54.25
GMSHK Swivel Mount Assembly $123.60
*QCS-S, *QCS-D Quick Connect Swivels $36.05
EXT-36 Extension Line, 50/bx $154.50
F200T Infusion Pump $1350.00
HSC20-1-1 Prefilled Syringes, 100/bx $118.00
HSC500-1 Prefilled Syringes, 100/bx $141.24
SC3LLHP Stopcocks, 10/bx, $27.71
B22-50, B23-50 Blunt Needles, 25/bx $17.50
PE-50-25 Tubing, 25ft $51.50
PU-040-25 Tubing, 25ft $40.69

*All items covered under International and U.S. patent 7,665,424.