Supplies for Imaging Studies

Preclinical imaging studies are an important tool in the drug development process. Fluorescence, MRI and ultrasound imaging studies all have unique equipment requirements, and we offer compatible and customizable products to help. This includes easy-to-implant tail vein catheters, MRI compatible ports, and extended tubing and catheter lines for accessing the animal at an appropriate distance from the imaging chamber. For assistance in selecting the right supplies, contact our experienced staff with questions and we'll be happy to help.

Tail vein catheters are easily inserted into the tail vein of an anesthetized rat or mouse without cut-down surgery- click here for an instructional video. Unlike a needle, the catheter is flexible, protecting the vein and ensuring that the dose is properly delivered. Used for MRI, PET and CT applications.

Tail vein catheters don't work for every species or study. Our selection of implantable catheters includes radio-opaque options, non-metallic cisterna magna catheters, and more. For large animal models, we offer Vascular Access Ports (VAPs) including the P.A.S. Port Elite & the P.A.S. Port T2, which are MRI compatible to 3 Tesla.

We offer a range of products, including injection valves, stopcocks, extension lines and bulk tubing that are metal free and can be used to extend your catheter line from an imaging chamber. Don't worry if you don't see what you need. You can contact us to create the custom solution that works for you.