Vascuthane™ Rounded Tip Catheters

Think all rounded tip catheters are the same? Think again. 
The manufacturing process can drastically affect catheter shape and performance.
SAI's Rounded Tip Rat Femoral Catheter                Competitor's Rounded Tip Rat Femoral Catheter
Rounded tip catheters are better, right? That's why the major surgical service providers offer them in their pre-cannulated models. That's why every major catheter maker gives you that option. We all took our cue from the human catheter market where it's well-accepted and supported- rounded is better than blunt. Except when it isn't done right. There are multiple ways to get that rounded tip- some are better than others. So if you are looking for a rounded tip catheter that causes less trauma, less inflammation, and less thrombosis, which one would you choose?
In addition to rat catheters, SAI also offers Vascuthane™ rounded tip catheters for guinea pigs, dogs, primates and more.
If you don't see what you're after, tell us what you need- we're happy to customize.