• Intravascular Polyethlyene Tubing
Intravascular Polyethlyene Tubing

Intravascular Polyethylene Tubing


Medical Grade Polyethylene micro-tubing has excellent chemical and gas resistance. Our PE tubing contains no plasticizers or additives and meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 and USP class 6 requirements. Sterile Blunt Needles and Bulk Blunt Needles are available for tubing access.  Also, try our most popular and versatile Intravascular Polyurethane Tubing
  • Flexible, yet rigid enough for easy implant into a vessel
  • Resistant to a variety of compounds
  • Rigid tubing is great for applications requiring “stiffness”
  • Safe and biocompatible
PE (Polyethylene) Tubing
Size (inches) Needle Access Part # 50' Roll Part # 100' Roll
0.008 ID x 0.020 OD 33G N/A PE-5-100
0.008 ID x 0.014 OD 33G N/A PE-8-100
0.011 ID x 0.025 OD 30G N/A PE-10-100
0.015 ID x 0.043 OD 27G N/A PE-20-100
0.023 ID x 0.039 OD 23G N/A PE-50-100
0.030 ID x 0.048 OD 21G N/A PE-60-100
0.034 ID x 0.052 OD 20G N/A PE-90-100
0.034 ID x 0.060 OD 20G N/A PE-100-100
0.045 ID x 0.062 OD 19G N/A PE-160-100
0.047 ID x 0.067 OD 18G N/A PE-190-100
0.055 ID x 0.075 OD 18G
PE-200-50 N/A
0.062 ID x 0.082 OD 16G N/A PE-205-100
0.066 ID x 0.094 OD 16G N/A PE-240-100
0.070 ID x 0.110 OD 15G N/A PE-260-100


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