• Large Animal Cervical Collar
Large Animal Cervical Collar

Large Animal Cervical Collar


Cervical collars offer an alternative to Elizabethan collars, allowing the animal unrestricted vision. Collars will prevent self-grooming and protect surgical sites. Please use the Order Form to complete a purchase, or contact us with questions. All of our collars can be found here.
  • Protects sensitive equipment
  • Reduces discomfort and stress levels
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Please let us know if you need a customized collar
Part # Animal Size Weight
BC 01 Rabbit Small 2.7-3.6 kg
BC 02 Rabbit Medium 3.6-4.5 kg
BC 03 Rabbit Large 4.5-5.4 kg
DC 01 Dog Small 5-7 kg
DC 02 Dog Medium 8-12 kg
DC 03 Dog Large 13-18 kg 
DC 04 Dog X-Large 18-25 kg


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