• P. A. S. Port Elite (VAP)
  • P.A.S. Port Elite (VAP)
P. A. S. Port Elite (VAP) P.A.S. Port Elite (VAP)

P.A.S. Port Elite (VAP)

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The P.A.S. Port Elite combines plastic and titanium to give you benefits neither gives you alone. This portal is not only lightweight, but also has a low profile shape which makes implantation easier and helps reduce the incidence of erosion. The port septum is captured in titanium which provides needle retention, gouge resistance and tactile feedback when the accessing needle makes contact. Our customer favorite catheter is the tapered option listed in the "parts information" tab below. We'll be happy to recommend a catheter for your application when you Contact Us with your study details.
P.A.S. Port® Elite
  • Height:  9.5mm
  • Base Diameter:  25mm x 17.2mm
  • Septum Diameter: 9.7mm
  • Priming Volume 0.3ml
  • MRI Compatible up to 3 Tesla

Part # Description
P.A.S. Port® Elite Vascular Access port only.  Catheter and VAP Accessory Kit sold separately.

P.A.S. Port® Elite Vascular Access port with compatible catheter and VAP Accessory Kit.

Catheters are custom made to suit your study. Please contact us to learn about the options.


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