• Rat Gastric Catheter
Rat Gastric Catheter

Rat Gastric or Duodenal Catheter


This catheter for intra-gastric administration is made of biocompatible polyurethane, and has a Dacron patch and suture bead for secure anchoring at the site. With minor modifications, the catheter can also be used for duodenal placement, and linked to a bile duct catheter for bile recirculation studies. Customizations available upon request.
  • Dacron patch can be glued or sutured to the stomach, duodenum or into the peritoneal space
  • Eliminate gavage dosing with direct delivery into the digestive tract
  • Use with a bile duct catheter for bile recirculation studies
  • 22G, 20cm in length
  • Made of biocompatible polyurethane to reduce platelet formation on the tubing
Part # Animal Size Tip Length Tip O.D. Total Length Needle Material Suture Beads
RGC-01 150 + g 1.2 cm 3 F 20 cm 22 ga Polyurethane 4, 1 Dacron


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