• Rat skin button CamCath replacement
Rat skin button CamCath replacement

Rat Skin Button (CamCath replacement)


The RSB-SA is a direct replacement for the CamCath button for Rats.  It consists of a catheter (with bead), Dacron mesh, and pedestal.  Rodent Skin Buttons are used for externalizing a catheter or for an attachment of a spring tether (see Parts Information tab). Skin buttons are a great choice for protecting the catheter without the use of a harness or jacket.
  • Catheter exits through the skin button
  • Easily and securely attach the tether to the pedestal
  • Dacron mesh promotes tissue in-growth, for secure placement
  • Replacement for CamCath button
RSB Catheter Options
 Part # Tip O.D. Tip to Bead Total Length Material
3 F 9cm 17cm Silicone
3 F 2.5cm 11.5cm Silicone
RSB-SA-3.5C 3 F 3.5cm 12cm Silicone
RSB-SA-3.5C1 3 F 3.5cm 11cm Silicone
RSB-SA-7.5 2.5 F 8cm 15.5cm Silicone
RSB-SA-9 2.5 F 6.5cm 15.5cm Silicone
RSB Catheter Accessories
 Part # Description Quantity
Spring Tether, 12" with threaded end
Spring Tether, 15" with threaded end each
TT-16.5 Spring Tether, 16.5" with threaded end each
SB-SCA-5 Aluminum tether connector, cap 5 pack


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