• Sterile Rodent Surgical Drape
Sterile Rodent Surgical Drape

Rodent Surgical Drapes, 5/pk


Rodent Surgical Drapes with an integrated sterile field were designed for survival rodent surgery. The drape combines a sterile field with an integrated Sterile Press’n Seal® patch. Drapes are also available in individual packages
  • Drapes are packaged 5/pk and are easy to remove one at a time
  • Provides a sterile yet transparent barrier for visual monitoring of the patient during surgery
  • Retains additional body heat during surgery compared to an un-draped animal
  • Can eliminate the need for towel clamps for accurate surgical site draping
  • Enhances containment of any dander away from the surgical site compared to standard
  • drapes that tend to move on the animal
  • Can be cut to gain access to a prepared site.
  • May be used to transport the animal to a recovery cage where it can be unwrapped upon completion of surgery
  • Order minimums are required for these products
Part # Description
PSS-SD5 19 x 30 surgical drape with an 11 x 12 Press™ Seal® insert, 5/pk
PSS5-1519 15 x 19 Surgical Drape with an 11 x 12 Press™ Seal® insert, 5/pk


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