• Baxter AS50 Infusion Pump Refurb
Baxter AS50 Infusion Pump Refurb

Baxter AS50 Pump - Refurbished

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This pump is specifically designed for animal infusion studies and is available for purchase or rent. The size, programmability, and ease of use for the Baxter AS50 pump has made them the most widely used syringe pump worldwide for Toxicology and Safety Assessment studies. With a wide range of flow rates and programming options, the AS50 is a great pump for almost any species and protocol.  Learn more about pump rental, or request a quote.


Baxter AS50 Benefits


Baxter AS50 Pump Specifications
  • Accuracy: +/- 3%
  • Battery Capacity: Up to 12 hours following a charge of no less than 16 hours
  • Flow Rates: 0.01 to 438 ml/hr dependent on syringe
  • Power: 105-125V, 60Hz, internal battery back-up
  • Compatible Syringes: B-D, Terumo, Monoject
  • Alarms/Alerts: Bolus Complete, Dose Complete, Volume Limit, Low Volume, Syringe Empty, Occlusion, Low Battery, Incorrect Syringe, Dose Due, Pump Idle, Syringe Mounted Improperly, Multiple Failsafe System Alerts
To learn more about pump rental look here, or request a quote.
Part # Description
AS50 Baxter Auto Syringe AS50 Programmable Syringe Pump


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