Ambulatory Infusion Systems for Lab Animal Research

Ambulatory infusion systems use an implanted or wearable syringe pump so that the animal is able to move freely. The benefits of the ambulatory infusion system include:
SAI Ambulatory Infusion System for Primates
  • • Animals are not constrained by tethers and are able to explore and behave in a more normal way.
  • • With careful preparation, animals, including primates, can be group-housed while receiving ambulatory infusions.
  • • Reduced risk of breakage or malfunction from animal interference.
  • • Pumps are lightweight and some models can be monitored from outside of the animal room. 
  • • Ambulatory infusion studies make it possible to dose animals with minimal human intervention. This is especially important for studies requiring reduced stress such as safety pharmacology and glucose studies. 


                                     For ambulatory infusion, you'll need:

SAI Infusion Lab Animal Ambulatory Pump

Lightweight Infusion Pump

Animal Infusion Reservoir
Reservoirs or Administration Sets

SAI Large Animal Jacket

Large Animal Jacket 

Large Animal Jacket Pocket
Jacket Pockets

Vascular Access Port (VAP) for Large Animal

Catheter or Vascular Access Port (VAP)

Extension Line for Large Animal Infusion
Extension Lines

Check out our recommendations for rabbits, pigs, dogs or primates. If you need higher doses or better protection of your pump, tethered infusion might be a better option. 

Not sure what system is best for you?
Learn more about Ambulatory vs Tethered infusion systems or speak to one of our Lab Animal Infusion Specialists.