Tethered Infusion Systems for Lab Animal Research

Tethered infusion systems use a mounted syringe pump that is kept away from the animal. The benefits of the tethered infusion system include:

Rodent Infusion System
  • • Tethered systems allow constant physical contact with the pump, ideal when reservoirs require frequent changes.
  • • Easier to monitor pump operation. Optional software available with the SAI 3D Pump
  • • Reduced risk of breakage or malfunction from animal interference.
  • • Accommodates higher delivery volumes since the animal is not required to carry the reservoir. This is especially important for rodents where the pump weight can cause welfare concerns.
  • • A tethered infusion system makes it possible to change syringes and flow rates without disturbing the animal- this is especially important for safety pharmacology studies or other applications where human interaction needs to be minimized. 

                                      For tethered infusion, you'll need:

SAI Syringe Pump for Lab Animal Infusion

Infusion Pump

Extension Tubes for Animal Infusion Studies

Extension Lines

SAI Rodent Tether Dual Channel

Large Animal Tether or Rodent Tether
SAI Rodent Swivel

Large Animal Swivel or Rodent Swivel

Rat Jugular Catheter

Catheter or Vascular Access Port (VAP)

Single Channel Harness for Rat Infusion
Large Animal Jacket or Rodent Harness

Check out our recommendations for rats & mice, rabbits, pigs, dogs or primatesIf you need to group house your animals, or you are worried about researcher effects on the study, ambulatory infusion might be a better option. 

Not sure what system is best for you?
Learn more about Ambulatory versus Tethered Infusion Systems or speak to one of our Lab Animal Infusion Specialists.